pita pita

last week  at work weve tried pita pita for the first time and i gotta say i really loved it! they use freshly made  pita bread which im a huge fan of!  soft tender and delicious 😉 

we’ve ordered the breakfast basket which has a variety of sandwiches, just  perfect for work.

the chicken was a favorite to all of us,  YES chicken for breakfast 😛  we’re monsters LOL! the halloumi was great and i loved the fact that it had pesto instead of za’atar 😉  cheese with tomatoe, and the turkey were a favorite of mine 😉

for more info you can check their facebook page and follow them on twitter


bon appetit 😉

21 Comments on “pita pita

  1. I never really see the point of not having certain foods for breakfast. When you feel like chicken for breakfast..have chicken for breakfast! I even do that with burgers sometimes. Life is just better this way 😛

  2. YUM!! I think im the only one who havent tried pita pita yet!

    have to order for work some time..so what was the chicken thingy called (wouldnt mind ordering it too early morning:P)?

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