once upon a time- AL-hamra tower

march 23rd 2010 was one of the most amazing days of my life, i had the oppurtunity to enter ” alhamra tower” during construction with a group of photographers, you cant imagine how amazing the feeling is to walk around in the tallest building in kuwait and first sculpted  skyscraper in the world!

we wore our construction helmets and scatered around to take different photos. now i wasnt much of a talented photographer but i tried my best. another great feeling is that the higher you go the colder the weather gets, it was unbelievable!

going under this thing to take a good angle was a bit scary, i had a feeling that the bricks might fall on me but thankfully they didn’t :p 


the scary part : it kinda felt like a CSI scene 😛


i hope you liked them 😉

14 Comments on “once upon a time- AL-hamra tower

  1. Great pics noon…I remember I climbed there once, it was a really great feeling just as you said

    BananaQ8: How r u?! :D….now about the November opening, I heard that it was going to open in 2012, don’t you think it’s too early for it to open in November?!

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