photo challenge day 23 to 30

finally, the photo challenge came to an end! it was fun, it was  great and im glad that i was almost up do date with the photos and i really hope you guys liked them


photo challenge day 23: sunset
can you spot the plane in the third picture?

photo challenge day 24: a smile
i was watching so you think you can dance and then this smile popped up and i thought it was hilarious so i snapped it using my phone:P

day 25: sunflare

day 26: something old

day 27: after dark
i seriously didnt know what should i take a photo of so i decided to just write the word 😛 wasnt feeling very creative.

day 28: daily routine

my coffee and my camera, a day wont pass without me having a cup of coffee and snapping pictures here and there

day 29: purchased

day 30: in motion

i snapped these when i was in alhamra tower last year which im preparing a post for very soon

click the pictures for a larger view

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