burger fever


ever since i was a kid whenever i see a billboard with a shiny  puffy burger picture on it makes me drool and i say to myself  ” i have to try it”  but when i end up  trying the real burger i get really dissapointed!  i have always wished that burgers would look and taste exactly the same as if im eating it out of the billboard and this time has finally came!

call me a burger monster, a burger-holic, a burger addict , whatever you want to call me, you got to know that i just cant get ENOUGH of these burgers, each has a special place in my heart and is craved in a specific mood.



johnny rockets  route 66,  juciy, saucy and meaty, just the way i love it , and yes gives you good times while eating it ; )

open flame kitchen: the manhattan, soft, moist, delicious to the last bite! the bun itself is a killer! one of the softtest buns i have ever had and it satisfies every burger craving that i have! kudos to the creator!

elevation burger :  fantastic burger!  easy on the eyes and stomach, lightest of all burgers! and you just gotta love the rest of the burgers!

shake shack: i dont care what most people say about this burger, its just one of the juciest burgers ever and one is definitely not enough!

look at that cheese! melts my heart away!

enjoy 😉

19 Comments on “burger fever

  1. woman u gotta check the time of ur posts! most of us are at work, hungry & cant get our hands on any of these burgers :S

    Elevation is the best, also route 66! i gotta try The Manhattan coz i love Open Flame Kitchen!

  2. The pictures 3athaaaab!!! I stopped eating at places like burger king and mc donalds. Their burger is more like a thin cd ma7is BURGER :p Out of all the one’s you tried, which place in Kuwait serve the best burger?

    • LOL loved how u described it! yeah i feel like its plastic 😛 but with those i posted about u get to feel the real taste of meat!

  3. I too feel the same way sometimes hehe and when I get disappointed I just turn away from that restaurant!

    Excellent choices, I love Elevation burger and Shake Shack equally but Elevation is lighter 😀

  4. This post is dangerous. It’s been a while since I last had Johnny Rockets, but there burgers are one of the best.

    OFK is something ELSE. aaah. so yummy.

    Thanks for making me crave burgers at 6 AM 😛 haha

    PS. AMAZING pictures 😀

    • hahahaha, sorry 😛 and theres nothing wrong with craving a burger at this time 😛 and thank you glad you liked the pictures 😀

  5. lol alaah y3afeek, i know a lot of girls who are obsessed with burgers 😛 i like lobsters but i prefer them alone, no sandwich involved 😛

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