i remember last year when i was in dubai on april i was shopping around in dubai mall  with my cousins happy that its not crowded and suddenly there was this amazing aroma that kept pulling us towards it and we spotted this small counter/barista that serves different kinds of coffee and milk and with each order you get a bun, we were tired and craving some coffee so we decided to try it and we actually ordered only one bun to share it, what the hell were we thinking!? i swear one bite of this bread makes you go: “mhMMmmMmMmmmmMmmmm”  “Allaaaaaaaaah” “offfffff” “wooooow” “mooo 9ijjjjj” on different kinds of levels 😛 1 was definitely not enough! we ordered 7 more buns! i swear it was one of the best breads i have ever had! its got this magical taste and im not exagerating, its just what i think 😀


sweet from the outside and soft and buttery from the inside! PERFECTION, its just hard to describe!

AND i recently knew that they are opening very soon in the avenues! oh happy happy joy joy !

to know more about papparoti check out their website here 


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