i love

my mom’s beetroot rice

hotel chocolate, chocolate eggs

missoni hotel chocolate fondant

smucker’s goober peanut butter

my mom’s cheesecake

trix cornflakes

the baking tray’s chicken semolina

pappa jones pizza

kdd lulu ice cream

jocca cheese and apples

second cup turkey and olive tapanade

kdd ice cream sandwich

enjoy ;D

18 Comments on “i love

  1. Noon, I’ve always loved ur blog, ur pictures, o our mutual taste in food…

    Bs I have to say that picture of KDD Sandwich on blue is a killer… Masha2 Allah 3leech! Lazim itkabreenha!

    • wow danderma you just made my day ! makes me happy to know that people like my pictures that much šŸ˜€ its just how i love food, thats how i see food and want people to see it the way i do šŸ˜€

  2. My dinner’s looking like bird food right now compared to these :p Your moms cheesecake looks to die for mashallah! This is going to make me sound like a fatty bes tana7t bil9ora o yi3t lol!

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