thank you for packing

 i was very happy when i received emails on the ” pack a bag” campaign and i would like to thank all of those who packed their bags for a good cause, thank you for contacting me and for sharing your pack a bag pictures and as promised  i will share with you some of the ” pack a bag ”  pictures that i have received from friends, bloggers and readers!

dalal from vsldelights blog

kulsum from   journey kitchen blog

alnoury from alnoury blog

ambrosial from  desertblvd blog

fai9al from fai9alr blog

manayers-side blog

um albaneen


mohammad from malotaibi blog


dudette from 7ajidude  blog

i will be updating this post every once in a while, if you still want to share your ” pack a bag ” picture please email me on


to know more about pack a bag please check this post

4 Comments on “thank you for packing”

  1. Thank you for posting this and reminding me. I swear I just walked into my studio and saw the bag. I need to get it done. This is such a great cause.

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