few months back i have wrote a special dedication post to some local cafe’s and restaurants including chocolateness and ever since i wrote this post i waited every single day for them to open and i was very happy to know that day has finally came 😀

it was their soft opening and Mr. rakan alfadalah invited us to try out their new dishes. when i entered i had a huge smile drawn on my face because i know how hard they worked  ever since they started small in exhibitions and events till they grew and finally opened chocolateness.

 we were a group of 6 girls and with different taste in food and each of us had her own favorite,  i will write randomly what i think of each.


first we were served with their famous molten which is a favorite for all of us *sigh*

strawberry sundae : a scrumptious light cake filled with strawberry jam, it was gone in seconds! it kept going back and forth between the girls, we loved it and i love the fact that they did their own jam from scratch 😉 *thumps up*

basbosa cheesecake : i loved the presentation, some of the girls actually loved it and some didnt feel the taste of basbosa.

peanut butter cups: im a huge fan of peanut butter and this dessert is definitely a win for me and every peanut butter and chocolate lover, but its a bit heavy so you might want to share it or just eat it alone.

iced cheesecake with milk chocolate:  those little cheesecake were devine! it was a big hit for all of us, they came in 3 flavors: original, coffee and raspberry.

apple pie:  im a huge fan of apple pie! it tasted so good and i love the fact that i can make my own, not all the girls agreed with me because they love the apple pie the original way, but i didnt mind at all!

and the winner of all desserts is create your lollipop which basically you paint with milk and white chocolate on a stick to make your own chocolate lollipop 

voila!  it tasted sooo goood! very good quality of chocolate, fun to create and definitely fun to eat 😉


we would like to thank Mr. Rakan for the generous invitation and we wish them all the best of luck and soon a bigger menu 😀 im officially a chocolateness addict!

26 Comments on “chocolateness

  1. same as here i loved everything also it was so cute how he serverd your table was super cute … i love seeing 3ayal el deera imjableen 7alahom … i tried the iced cheese cake, origonal molten cake and the lollipops .. i wish him all the best and greet work sis keep supporting the small kuwaity projects

  2. Endless droooools, oh maybe i just discovered that i LOVE chocolate this much
    mmm i think am becoming a sweet tooth because of u loool
    bl3afya bl3afya bl3afya

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