florence, last day cooking class

on our last day in florence we went to a trip to one beautiful farm before our last cooking class, fresh clean air that smells like flowers, view was breathtaking! i don’t mind living there for a while away from electronics, and hectic endless work!

a view i would love to see everyday i wake up in the morning with a hot cup of coffee and a good book! *sigh*

heart shaped cloud?

they were very nice doggies, NOT!


i used fish eye to capture these 2 views 

sa3ad from sa3adtrips posing and wandering around

after our tour around the farm, they prepared a table for us with light delicious snacks, artichoke spread with bread, we loved it! but the bread was not as soft as i want it to be since i had brace


freshest, most delicious tomatoes i have ever had! i have never seen tomatoes this red

and i wish i can describe how delicious this juice was, its just too good to describe! we finished all the juice bottles that we had to ask for more

Mora juice is made out of blackberries

lampone is raspberry, we also tried fragola which is strawberry and ribes which i think is cranberry juice 

being in this farm reminded me of a favorite movie of mine called “under the tuscan sun” which i recommend you to watch


after we finished having our light snack we went to our last cooking class 😦

its all about eating in florence, lol

our chef ilaria ricci made us stuffed vegetables, mediterranean chicken breast and sacher torte for dessert

meat lovers will absolutely love this dish

mango jam 

chocolate mousse 


i really hope no one is fasting right now 😛

writing this post is giving me mixed feelings of nostalgia since it was our last day of cooking, i miss florence, the class, the food, the whole members! its a trip that i will never forget!  and i would like to thank the health company for this wonderful unforgettable trip, i hope theres a second one  soon so other bloggers can have the chance to experience what we have experienced.

arrivederci 😉

20 Comments on “florence, last day cooking class

  1. Wish I can go back in time for some more of those juices (Raspberry was the winner for me) and wish I can go eat some more of that stuffed zucchini ❤ ❤ ❤ ye3t 😥

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