zain 3alam jameel

i just love how  zain was the highlight of  my ramadan,  sending me generous gifts and lovely event  invitations, but the best of all is the invitation that i have recieved to attend their final rehearsal of their first musical play “zain ila 3alam jameel”

let me just say that i am so glad that i confirmed attending, it is definitely a “not to miss” play! a total success,  just marvelous!i loved everything, the music, lyrics, the acting and all the actors were great!  and by the way  im not a big fan of “ali kakooli ” in tv shows but he definitely wowed us yesterday ! he nailed his role perfectly!  i think he should do more musicals and theatrical shows than tv shows, if there was any. its just been such a long time since ive seen a good play here in kuwait, thanx to zain, now i did 😉

i really recommend everyone to attend the play, kids will love it as well as you will 😀  

dont think i can thank zain enough, and special thanx goes to mohammed Al-Muhaini. it is such a great job


” ya36ekom alf 3afia” , and please we would love to see more plays from zain .

9 Comments on “zain 3alam jameel”

  1. صورج احلا من صوري لوول

    والله كانت قويه البروفه حبيتها وكان انها اطول اكثر من ساعه ونص

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