happy birthday reem

it was my friend’s birthday yesterday and we made her a surprise cake, she is a huge fan of coffee, like HUGE! so one of our friends decided to make her a coffee  shaped cake  from mr baker which was awesome!!

it had a sleeve too!

we couldnt resist eating the cake so we kind of messed the cream 😛


She took the best part of the cake 😀

it was delicious! the cake, cream and the caramel, just perfect and very light but the cream was a bit heavy, oh well its cream 😀

ps: i want an arabic coffee shaped cake or a camera for my next birthday 😛 both makes me happy

22 Comments on “happy birthday reem”

  1. OMG r u out of ur mind?! posting this at this time of the day?! I HATE YOU, bs wait, fi leftovers?! etha fi I’ll pass by o take some. It looks amazing!

    3alekom bel3afia :*

  2. Hi JN! Love this post! It gives me an idea for myself as the name is very close to my blog name and one of my nicknames! Happy Birthday Reem!!

  3. Looking at the post makes me wanna relive my B-Day and eat that cake again ;D it was YUMMY! Lucky to have such amazing friends ❤ ,and thanx all for ur greetings ;*

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