pack a bag reminder

since most of you by now packed a bag  i can call this campaign ” our campaign” instead of my campaign, even if you havent packed a bag and just spread the word whether your a reader, blogger or just a good doer 😀

i have already received pictures of bags donated from friends, bloggers and readers which is awesome!, would love to receive more and i will post the pictures first day of Eid inshalah  😀 you can email me the pictures on

if you havent read about the campaign you can check it out here

have a great weekend

6 Comments on “pack a bag reminder”

  1. I love the campaign and posted in on my blog as well ( Even tho I just started blogging and don’t have that many readers but every little bag helps 😉

  2. This Campagin Is Amazing .. Though I didn’t Pack Any Bag Cuz I’ve already donated Stuff 2 months Ago..
    But Their Will Be Time Inshallah To Make Another Bag 😀
    Allaah ywafgch o yzach allah alf 5air 3ala hal 7amla 😀

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