our gerge3an قرقيعان

one of my favorite days every year is gerge3an at my grandmother house mamanoura , almost the whole family and kids gather at that day, kids running around and we TRY to follow them and take good pictures which is hard btw ;P

if only sometimes they are as still as food !

this year was a bit different, one of my cousins was reciting “dua’a” specially for those who were in need for it and the kids kept replying “ameen” i just wish i can share the video with you,  i think it would be great teaching the kids to recite “dua’a” dont you think?

24 Comments on “our gerge3an قرقيعان”

  1. wa7alat’hom wallah 🙂

    we always have this day at my aunt’s house but unfortunately we didn’t have it this year becaue she didn’t hv maids *sniff*

    3alekom bel3afia 🙂

  2. eyshwgoon il swar! allah ey7fth’hum o yam3a dayma inshallah..
    fee wa7d neg6a3 sah3ra curly o labs a navy vest .. momken edzena baitna akla?

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