florence day 4

“zucchini flan” is what we learned to cook in our fourth day in florence,  a very famous dish in the italian cuisine plus its very easy to make 😀 

pictures, self explanatory 😉

eggs and cream 

ready for the oven


if your not a fan of zucchini you can always replace it with another vegetable, carrots maybe? hmmm, be creative with your favorite vegetable 😉

our second dish was vegetable lasagna with smoked cheese, one of the best ive had!

care for a bite?

guess whats for dessert? 😉

yep yep, its profiteroles :D a very favorite dessert of mine

after our class we went to a little trip to a chocolate factory in tuscany which i will not post about  and then we went to pisa to see the leaning tower of pisa unfortunately my battery died on me so i had a couple of pictures only, i really hope ansam has more pictures


 our lovely group 😀
arrivederci 😉

16 Comments on “florence day 4

    • eeee 7adaa, im trying the vegetable lasagna but actually making a pink pasta ith smoked cheese 😀 we’ll see how it goes 😀

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