“the yard” salted caramel by mimi

a couple of weeks ago i saw  the yard salted caramel mini film on  ansam ‘s post and i got to say the film was awesome!  and i wanted to try the salted caramel badly!

want to see some pictures? you’d better not scroll down while your fasting, don’t say i haven’t warned you!

basically its sealed with dark chocolate that you have to break to reach the caramel, you cant imagine how excited i was  breaking the chocolate seal 😀 


did i like it? I LOVED IT! i tried it with nutella

my mom’s cheesecake

and ice cream! it was perfect with all of them , will definitely try it with fruits soon 😉

you can purchase mimi salted caramel here

bon appétit  😉

16 Comments on ““the yard” salted caramel by mimi

  1. yal mojremaaaa sebagtiniiiiiiiiii in this post 😛

    3alech bel3afia 😀 I got it this morning around 12:30 am, will try it after futoor nshallah 😉

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THIS NOOOOOOWWWWW

    the choc idea is a reallly original idea!! Im so in love with salted caramel, my friend’s sister does salted caramel chewy candies that are out of this world!! theyre so chewy and fresh that im so in love with the flavor! shawagteeeeni

    • alaah salted candies sound delicious! give it a try and let me know what you think 😀 awal mara ajareb salted caramel saraa7a o wayed latheeth !

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