Alphabet tag

i really hate tags but i actually like this one and since pisceschick tagged me i will definitely answer the questions 😉

– Available: huh?

– Age: 29 but dont tell anyone :p

– Animals: all types of cats from house cats to leopards

– Beer: istaghferilaah

– Birthday: december 18th
– Best friends: dalool o fa6oom o bazza o hayoon
– Body Part on opposite sex: irrelevant question 😛
– Best feeling in the world: eating for sure!

– Best weather: cold and rain

–Been in Love: What is love Oh baby, don’t hurt me Don’t hurt me no more LOL (its a song by the way)

– Been on stage: yes
– Believe in Magic: yes and no
– Believe in Santa: i believe in heaven

– Brand: zara miu miu and chlose

– Candy: cotton candy

– Color: blue

– Chocolate/Vanilla: both 😛

– Chinese/Indian/Italian: italiano 😉

– Cake or pie: both

– Cheese: brie

– Day or Night: day

– Dancing in the rain: yes

– Eyes: dark Brown
– Ever failed a class?: Yes

– Enemies: i dont think so, im a friendly creature :p

– Exercise: yoga

– First thoughts waking up: coffee

– Food: kuwaity, italiano

– Greatest Fear: death

– Goals: live in dubai 😛 open a cafe maybe

– Get along with your parents: yes!

– Hair Color: Brown.
– Happy: Yes. il7imdilah
– Holiday:  dubai? wala i love dubai

– Ice Cream: *sigh* ysarse7

– Jewelry: Pearls

– Job: IT

– Kids: no

– Kickboxing or karate: kickboxing

– Keep a journal?: yes

– Love: love for food, charity, life, pets, travel and most importantly family

– Laughed so hard you cried: everyday in italy thanx to ellie the dietitian


– Milk flavor: huh?

– Movies: action and comdey

– Motion sickness: when im reading in the car

– McD’s or BK: both depends on my cravings

– Number: 9

– One wish: i wish for serenity

– Perfect Pizza: margharita

– Pepsi/Coke: definitely coke

– Perfume/Cologne: bomb shell by victoria secret, osez moi by chantal thomas and anything floraly or powdery

– Quail: they are cute !

– Reason to cry: hurt and sometimes laughs

– Reality T.V: not a fan i guess, cooking shows sometimes

– Radio Station: 88.8 and 96.5

– Song: good life by one republic 

– Shoe size: 38
– Salad Dressing: Balsamic, Olive oil and mayonnaise 😛
– Skinny dip: LOL

– Strawberries/Blueberries: ALL BERRIES
– Sport: once upon a time i almost played all kind of sports, basket ball, foot ball, volly ball, jogging …etc till one day i stopped.

– Tattoos?: No.
– Thunderstorms: they give me chills, i love them !

– Unpredictable: predictable

– Vacation spot(s): anywhere theres a beach, drifting or off roading, mountain climbing, horse or camel riding 😀 and food

– Weakness: kakaaawooo

– Who makes you laugh the most: dalool o la6oof

– Worst Weather?: all is good, i never complaing from the weather

– X-Rays: wayed specially when i was a kid! many broken bones 😀

-Year it is now: 2011
-Yellow: my face right now LOL

– Zoo animal: leopard

i tag  the boudoir ,   ambrosial and vanglorious from desertblvd

14 Comments on “Alphabet tag

  1. We have a lot in common! Maku row7aht Dubai without me! ;p

    LOL @Yellow ;p

    about the brie cheese, do u heat it in the oven and use bread to dip?! ;p

  2. Waaain my comment?! When you open ur cafe inshala I better be the one cutting the ribbon on the opening nigh and Ambrosial will handle the music, she will play 3oud for u ;p

    and there better be a chocolate sweet named after me! ;p

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