bloggers ghabga with zain

few days ago i received a “bloggers ghabga” invitation from zain  and luckily for me i was free to attend and dragged a friend with me since i hate going to ghabga’s alone. i was greeted by the lovely *social butterfly* dudette from 7ajidude , love that girl btw 😀
i was half an hour late but thankfully they didn’t start yet since some bloggers were still late 😛 *girls*

i didn’t really know anyone there so when i entered i started snapping pictures here and there waiting for  crazy yet wise to show up but luckily  for me i spotted pinkgirlq8 and started talking till crazy yet wise showed up:P  i also met  jacqui and her little sister, the star of the evening  lujain,  her from hishersq8  blog , ladyb and my buddy ansam.

 there were other bloggers that i know but sadly i didnt have the chance to meet, since i had to leave early.

i dedicate this to ambrosial and vainglorious from desertblvd , ee walah ya ma7la ilfenjal 😀  wish you guys were there.

the lovely lujain 

feast time!! i was probably the first to enter the buffet since the food wasn’t touched yet, you might want to close your eyes if your fasting 😀

hala wala ! i hate my self for not eating the “machboos” 😦 i wonder who’s the cook, hmmm 

3ashaw ildeyayat 

hungry yet? ;P

before leaving mr mohammed Al-muhaini gave us sado bags filled with goodies 😀

can you guess whats inside?

 i LOVED the description tag  😀

guess what?

if you guessed a phone you guessed it right 😀 i was speechless!  my blackberry  was dying on me and i was planning to buy a new phone. i wanted an android since i have a motorola milestone which is powered by android and i’m totally in love with it! 


thank you zain for the invitation, for the food and for the lovely gifts and thank you to those who planned the event, we had lots of fun!

 i will hold on to this for the good memories 😉

20 Comments on “bloggers ghabga with zain

  1. Noon this is great! However, I don’t understand what a GHABGA! Let alone a ‘blogger’s ghabga! I gather it is some kind of gathering and yes, I will buy myself an Arabic dictionary as our Arabic here is very poor! The pictures are lovely and I love the gift you got in the end. Lucky you! I want to learn to make Machboos! xo

    • hey alia, nice of you to drop by
      well to try to be exact ghabga happens only in ramadan, daily or weekly depends on the host and the guests of friends and family, you get to meet new people which is fun and it happens mostly at homes, they gather after fu6oor for a feast at late night or midnight, almost like a BBQ party

      girls have to wear dara’as and men have to wear dishdasha’s but nowadays its a bit different. this particular “bloggers ghabga” is different, zain was our host and luckily for me i was invited and was happy to have the chance to meet new bloggers

  2. ee wallah ya ma7la il finjaal, 7abeeebte wallah ;** some day inshala we’ll gather and I’ll bring my arabic coffee, ambro will bring her infamous cookies o u just bring urself 😉

    sounds fun 3alaikm bil 3afya ;**

    Welcome to the Android world! HTC rocks! you will love it!

  3. It was great meeting you there for like the 3rd time 😛 Enshalla fee more events we get to meet each other in 😛

    And that was an awesome gift from Zain ewanes el phone hehe 😛 Although I’m a die-hard Apple fan I am giving the Android it’s shot and it’s not bad it’s kinda doing well on its own.

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