the years i have lived taught me that no matter what you do, and how hard you try to do good in this life to please everyone around you, there will always be someone to criticize you, we all know that ignorance is a bliss, my advice is ignore them because those same people who criticized you i am sure they criticize everyone else around them, that’s what they are good at, “criticizing”, they are not as good, talented, ambitious and optimistic as you are, i actually pity them because they don’t see the good side of life as we do 🙂 .

i have read somewhere that some people when they see the flower they never look at the flower but at its thorns, well thankfully i look at the flower and smell the flower 😉 and will do what i know is right and makes me happy as well as you all should, do what you love and ignore every negative thought and person, let them criticize all they want as long as they don’t affect you badly, remember that your the one who is going up and they are the one’s going down, and i even have a feeling that i will be criticized for this post 😛

PS: constructive criticism is accepted 😀 it only makes us better 😉



8 Comments on “criticism

  1. Amazing words.. And It’s So True..
    Just Be Who you Are And Do What you Think Is Right..
    Beside Being Criticized Mean You Are Doing Something..
    And Only You Know How Good That Something Is..
    Keep it Up Girl :**

  2. “Don’t pay any attention to the critics – don’t even ignore them.”
    Samuel Goldwyn

    I know it contradictory, but it’s meaningful =)

  3. I’m going to criticize you for the food post above. The pics are causing me to feel faint from starvation! 😛 What a beautiful table and I loved the jewelry pics. 🙂

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