ghabga night at lenotre

few days back i received an invitation from my dear friend ansam to attend a “ghabga” in lenotre just for girls 😀 , i got so excited and accepted the invitation with no hesitation 😉

i loved how our table was prepared differently than the other tables, purple utensils and glasses, gold painted plates, lots of flowers and candles on the table and on the floor surrounding our table.

they first served us with drinks, i took “vanilla date” which i absolutely loved ! the flavor was something new to my taste buds, ansam and dudette from  7ajidude agreed with me, sadly its a ramadan flavor only.

lovely set of flowers

ramadan buffet, dont you just love the pots


rocca salad






the menu 

kebbeh jerish 

potato sambosek was good but i am not a fan of potato sambousak, i prefer cheese 😀 

moughrabieh chicken and lamb was good!

sweet and sour chicken 

shish barak was delicious!

ravioli mushroom with cream sauce, this one was one of the best raviolis iv’e had and its my favorite dish that night so far 😀 

ouzi with vegetable rice 

om ali tasted as its supposed to be 😀 

layali ramadan with apricot sauce was fantastic!

ansam’s lovely ring 

i loved dudette’s accessorized hand 😉

testo negro, did not have the  chance to try it 😦

rahash and rose ice cream 

i didn’t really feel the flavor of rahash to be honest, nevertheless  it was good

rose ice cream was the BEST dessert i had there, i was literally eating it non stop! the taste is just perfect, made me go MmmMmmm 

oh and guess what, during ramadan 10 percent of the proceeds goes to “bait Abdullah” charity project for kids 😉

 i would really love to thank ansam for being an amazing host and MMC for the lovely warm unforgettable night and food 😉 the service was fantastic!

ladyb and maviemajoie it was very nice to see you girls again, and it was such a pleasure to meet  7ajidude,  danderma,  meblogging,  fjbliss and pinkgirlq8

22 Comments on “ghabga night at lenotre”

  1. Hii, thanks for your comment. Im enjoying your blog too! 7asafa i didn’t join you guys at the gabga.
    it would have been great to meet such lovely fellow bloggers

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