i just love  ramadan, its a holy, spiritual, peaceful month, although people are rarely peacful when they are fasting 😛 hehe.  i love it when im hungry, i get to feel how other countries suffer from starvation which makes me more grateful to the life i live alhamdulilah and i would try my best to help those less fortunate, isnt this one of the reasons behind fasting after all?

i think will  keep myself busy reading the qura’an, practice charity, bake and try to cook, definitely not watching the stupid drama tv shows, well maybe one 😛 but i doubt it AND ofcourse eating, eating and lots of eating

like always, every ramadan  i dont usually dine out a lot since im a big fan of ramadan home food and drinks like tashreeba, soup, lgaimat,  ge6ayef, vimto, baithan, leban, arabic coffee, dates, knafa and my oh my how i love knafa!

i wish you all a happy ramadan and i mean it when i say HAPPY, i want to see happy joyous faces 😀

so what will you be doing during ramadan? and whats your favorite ramadan dish?

 I will miss this during breakfast, please dont hate me, just take it as a patience test 😛

15 Comments on “ramadan

  1. Noon plzzz dont do like last yr wit3athbeeena ib food pix we7na 9aymeen! ;p

    I’m off work (yaaay me :D) so hopefully I’ll be doing a lot of nothing :p
    as for my fav dish, I heart hareees 😀

  2. It’s day two and I miss my morning apple! ;p …..

    I’ll be running a lot of errands, and hopefully checkout those cooks books I have

    Fav. dish in Ramadan… I love tashrebah, o yreeshna.. o my uncles’ harees.. yet again.. “Yuba I love all kinds of food!” ;p

    Bs 7aliyan bs at7alam blgahwa el3arbiyah ;p

    HAPPY Ramadan to u too ;*

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