when in rome

on our third day in italy we took a “no cooking, just exploring” one day trip to rome, it took us almost an hour to get there using the train.

sleeping? ;P

rome’s colosseum

the tourist guy told us that lady gaga had a private concert in the colosseum , you cant imagine how much i hate her :/ he had to mention her name!

can you spot the pigeon?

rome here and there

now lets talk food , shall we? it started to get dark and we were starving! after a bad lunch experience that i will not mention 😛 so our friend Abdulla recommended a restaurant called “al vero “girarrosto toscana martini”  such a long name i know 😛 but he was told it was good and luckily it wasnt very far from our hotel, walking ofcourse.

on our way i spotted this beautiful house! i had to snap a picture for you guys

and a hotel with my initials 😛 missing one more “H” though hehe 😛

my stomach was singing all the way to the restaurant, you can imagine how happy it was when i saw the sign 😛

the place is very fancy and neat, the smell of food is a killer! i also loved the decoration, it kind of reflects the essence of rome

i swear these melons were one of the most delicious melons i have ever had, we were 8 persons so they gave us 8 pieces and i kinda ate my share and ate some of my friend’s share too 😛 *guilty*

i am a big fan of profiteroles and by far this is the best ive tried so far, they should call them killer profitroles, its just so delicious i dont even know how to describe it, no one wanted to order dessert except for me and when i did suddenly the girls took bites from my dessert, i didnt want to share 😦 im going to try my best to make the same 😀

for more info about this place you can visit their webpage here

all in all food was good, atmosphere was great and if you go to rome i would totally recommend it,  THANK YOU 3abdallah for the recommendations 😀

after dinner we took more tour here and there, il leave you with some  pictures 😉

here comes the bride

arrivederci 😉

14 Comments on “when in rome”

  1. Hey noon,
    Im planning to go to rome soon and last time I went there was on 2007 .. so i cant remember good places there! can you recommend places in italy? where did you go? and good hotels and restaurants.

    • well to be honest we only stayed a day in rome, and i wrote everything in this post, i actually loved florence more, you can check my previous posts about florence and i will post more in the future.

      we didnt have the chance to visit a lot of places in florence too since we had to stick with our cooking classes, theres a good hotel we stayed at called “hotel de la vie”
      which was great! thats their webpage http://www.hoteldelaville.it , it was surrounded with brand boutiques 😉

      and another hotel i passed by which i think is good called hotel lungarno which had an amazing view on the river, it was in front of the building where we had our cooking class http://www.lungarnocollection.com

      i hope this was helpful

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