pick-yo party pack

I am a very big fan of frozen yoghurt , and luckily for me and my mom we have pick-yo recently opened in kaifan co-op and their frozen yoghurt is really GOOD, its actually one of my favorites and they recently came up with a new idea called “party pack” which i think is just GENIUS!  it keeps the yoghurt frozen up to 6 hours! i had my doubts but i actually witnessed it !! pick-yo were very generous and they gave me this very well presented box full of frozen yoghurt with different flavors and i got to choose the toppings, YAY! its perfect for gatherings 😀

now whether your a frozen yoghurt fan or not i hope my pictures will make you try them 😉

i like the warning sign 😀

for more info visit their webpage and follow them on twitter

i would like to thank pick-yo for the generous “party pack” i love the whole idea and i wish them the best of luck 😀

22 Comments on “pick-yo party pack”

  1. ALLAAAAAAAAH! This is so cool! Nizaka, y9la7 7g yam3aht elshalaih 😀 O 3ogb elf6our 😉
    I love frozen yogurt.! Cool pics as always ;*
    and “Be Picky Rather Than Ordinary” <—- Don't encourage Vainglorious! ;p

  2. Oh looks soo neat !
    bel3afya babes, I tried their fro yo several times very tasty !
    shakla ba6leb el party pack for zwara 😉

  3. Hello,

    Thank you so much Noon for posting about your experience and sharing it with us and other readers. So glad that you liked everything about it.

    The party pack is available at each store, more info about locations and delivery at our website http://www.pick-yo.com

    The pictures are just Amazingly Amazing. (Mashalah).

    Best regards,
    PICK YO team

    • your welcome, glad you liked my post and again thank you for the frozen yoghurt, its very generous of you, i wish you the best of luck

  4. although i’m not a frozen yogurt fan but the pics looks SOO Delicious ! i wish if they can make the same boxes for soft ice creams 😛

  5. MashAllah looks so tempting yogurt is healthy plus we need to consume too much in summer 🙂 pick yo is attracting all the females now pinky pink wink wink 🙂

    • Yes actually we have. It’s attached on the wall of our shop In Kaifan, Briefly speaking, It has 98 kcal in 100g, 0% fat and 19g of carbs (added Sugar+Fibers+lactose). We also serve Greek yogurt which has 15g of protien, 0% in fat and only 4.5g of carbs, you can also top it with any choice of fresh fruits or some cereals/oats/nuts.

      Thanks for caring.

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