10.Oh.8 eat for a cause

a cozy warm little place that feels just like home is 10.Oh.8 all about and ofcourse you can not miss their cute red door !

i just heard of 10.oh.8 few days back and luckily for me its near where i work, so i decided to have lunch with friends, best thing about the place is its very easy to spot, and they have lovely parking with shades.


i loved every single detail about the interiors, it was smart,simple and cute cute CUTE.

nutella everywhere!!

look up! mirrors on top of your head! no need to go to the ladies room 😛

i loved the smeg fridge!

can you guess what are these at the back?

YES! handbag holders! love em! best way to show off your bag 😛 i kind of cant wait to go back there and see more girls showing off their handbags making a very fashionable pretty wall 😉

i love the plates, simple and direct

now lets eat, shall we?

 fresh orange juice with cute little red ice bucket that matches the door 😀

ceasar salad

penne arrabiata, spicy arrabiata for spicy people :p

pizza, loved it!, very thin and cheesy 😀 the good kind of cheesy

grilled 4 cheese sandwich, it was good but needed a bit salt, i love salty food 😀

chocolate bread pudding

chocolate nirvana

sticky date pudding, now i cant decide which date pudding picture is better 😛 what do you think?

did i like it? I LOVED IT! , food was great, nice staff, lovely interiors, im definitely going back to try their coffee and i recommend all my readers to give it a visit 😉

now i dont want to be mean or anything but i really wish that the place wont be too crowded like crazy  newly opened places if you know what i mean, im not a crowd fan and i hate waiting in line! hopefully it will stay very peacful, relaxing  and cosy everytime im there .

for more info contact them on 22479371, 22479372

webpage www.10oh8.com

like them on facebook

follow them on twitter

one more detail just incase you get lost 😛 , if you know a restaurant called “afrah ilkhaleej” its right across it

ps: A percentage of their proceeds goes to charity, and it changes every three months 😉

31 Comments on “10.Oh.8 eat for a cause”

  1. Eat for a cause other than just loving food, the cause is the loveliest part of it, nice place!!, grilled 4 cheese with less salt is good for me 😀

  2. Niiice! I love the concept, feels like ur kicking back at home, or ur room 🙂

    and I LOVE their door!
    Bl3afyaah ;* Thanks for sharing this dear 😉

  3. WOW! Thank you noon so much for putting in the effort to create such an amazing post. You are a great person and no amount of thanks would be enough for what you did. We are truly thankful and appreciative for you. You are really helping us a lot. Thank you all for the nice comments. I think its times that we give back to the world because we are so blessed. Hope all of you could pass by and visit. Also, we support a different charity every quarter, so 4 per year, and if you want to see a charity that you support up then shoot us an email at info@10oh8.com. We can’t wait to hear everyone’s feedback. Again thank you noon!

    • your welcome, no need to thank me, just keep up the good work, everything was wonderful, and i wish you all the best of luck o ya36ekom il3afia

  4. nooon i think you have the best photographs ever! mashallah tabark ilra7man…the fridge is a unique feature and their decor is one of the most original i’ve ever seen in this country..also the pizza, nirvana, and pudding all looook divine!! bil3afyaaa:*

  5. Just found your blog from AMU. I really like the ideas you have about the Ramadhan contest and the bag pack thing. Good luck with both!

    The food looks really good. Love the interior.

    • thank you chick flick, im glad that you liked my blog 😀 and my ideas, hopefully will come up with more in the future

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