florence day 2 – second class

after our first cooking class we had a break to explore more of florence before our second class, yes 2 classes a day where all we do is cook and eat !! 😀 happy tummies all the way!
its very normal to see brides walking around here and there 😛 this bride was a bit upset though, i wonder why 😛

apparently animals in florence are always angry with me giving me faces, he actually grrr’d at my face 😛 dear pooch:  i’m sorry if i ever disturbed your sleep, your face is just too cute !!

now this is interesting, you bring  a lock, you lock it on a chain full of locks and you either decide to keep the key or just throw it away in the water 😀

oh and on our way to our second class this guy pops out of nowhere and tried to scare us 😛 and then he was trying to propose to one of the girls 😛 those crazy  guys are everywhere in florence, they are hilarious, i love them!

second class begins 😉

guess whats for dinner?

shrimp risotto, i realized that in italy shrimp risotto and fish are more famous dishes  than pizza and pasta

and now my favorite dish of the day was the dessert, i hope you can guess it right 😉

et voila

i ate 2! and took some more with me back at the hotel, thanx illaria :**

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