my weight

most of you by now KNOW how much i love food and how much i love to eat and some know that i eat a lot but yet i manage to stay fit.
few month back on twitter while uploading a picture of a fat french fries with ketchup and mayo which basically was my dinner, kuwaitful  asked me how do you eat all this fat and avoid the fatness? ,  and i promised him that i will write a post about it, i have few secrets here that i want to share with you all, it’s not much of a secret though 😛 and i am sure if you all go by it, you will definitely lose the weight needed

i never go to the gym, the only exercise i did  was yoga which is basically streching, i have never ever dieted my whole life, sometimes i think diet  makes you gain weight more than lose. because of all the cravings you want you will end up saying ” screw diet, ill eat everything” and to be completely honest with you i did only a 6 day detox diet not for wanting to lose weight, but for wanting myself to eat more fruits and vegetable and clean my system and it kind of worked with me 😀

second thing that you have to put in mind is that you have to walk a lot, i love taking the long way in everything, for example when parking at work, a mall or a co-op i make sure i park as far as i can from the door even if its hot!

– i make sure i always use the stairs, at home, work, and sometimes malls, now my office is on the first floor so why use the elevator?  if its a one or two floors up i say use the stairs, and i make my colleagues use the stairs too. girls, you wear heels? well don’t or make sure you buy yourself a pair of fotzyrolls 😛

also some of you after having a heavy meal love to sit, lay down or take a nap, i NEVER EVER do that, i sit only for 5 min to rest and then i just move around here and there make sure i burn the fat i gained 😛

and at night i make sure i have my dinner 3 hours prior sleeping, i dont think its healthy to eat and sleep plus i dont like sleeping with a full stomach, gives me nightmares!

more tips:
1- if you have dogs make sure you take them for a walk instead of the maid

2-if you have kids, play hide and seek or peek a boo with them, its fun and its better than sitting and doing nothing 😛 if you dont have kids then use cats, my cats actually play those 2 games with me sometimes 😛

3- drink lots of water, juices ( i love orange and carrot) and stop drinking soft drinks all the time, they make u look as if you were pregnant whether your a girl or a guy 😛

4- and most importantly make sure you never EVER say the typical kuwaity word “maly 5lg” , it is an evil word!

i hope these tips will help you out and you will lose the weight you need but make sure that while practising this you don’t over eat every single day 😉 والحركة بركة


ps: make sure you all say mashalaah ok? 😀 thank you

14 Comments on “my weight”

  1. i used to be lazy and still am but marriage has changed everything! due to house to chores and work! Im moving all the time and eating delicious food whenever i want to. and still people r telling im losing alot of weight! i discovered its all because of “moving”!

    get rid of maids and u’ll lose the weight you want to lose 😀

  2. Mashallaaaaaaaaaah, ismilah 3laich.. 3sallah ymat3ch bl97aa wl3afyah ;*

    I laughed when u said “the typical Kuwaiti word Malii Khlg” lol I saw it comin ;p I say it a lot , I might as well wear it as a T-shirt! ;p (Vainglorious is gonna stab me one day from saying it! ;p)

    To be frank, I like taking the long ways too, in college I always take the stairs… walk across campus, and not the short way around… I love long walks! Blsifar I love it even more…

    Thanks for the tips buddy 😉

    • ajma3eeeen , eee walaa this is all i hear , maly 5lg o maly 5lg!! we have to change what we say from mal 5lg to yala lets do it 😛

  3. I see, I thought you were joking about the secrets but these are actually some really good tips! Definitely trying out the stairs from here on. Good thing I quit soda’s recently.

    *Masha’Allah* Keep it up.

  4. Mashallah thats amazing!!! I so wanted that.. In fact today was my first day to start my walk again.. I am health conscious and I have gained weight so not liking it..thanks for this info..

  5. Mashallah 3alaich! 😀 I remember when we were doing the gift trade thing, I was expecting a total butterball to walk out the car 😛 7adi insi6alt Allah y7afthich;*
    I loved this post! Thank you for the tips!
    Bajarib the not eating 3 hours before sleeping thing. I have a weigh in ba3ad two weeks so Allah yister! 😛

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