florence day two

day 2 was our first cooking class so we all wore our  health company ” io heart la cucina italiana” ” i heart the italian cuisine” we started with a group picture with our lovely tourist guide

on our way to class we took a stroll in the market , its full of leather bags and gladiator shoes! i didnt buy any though 😦

anyways, lets talk food! shall we? there was a lot of food, A LOT! , bread, cheese, pastas, fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, dessert.. etc and their food is just amazingly delicious and fresh, i was tasting almost everything! and what can i say about their fruits? well there wasnt a fruit  that i have tried that didnt taste fresh and good! deep in colour, i could live on fruits and vegetables if  the fruits we had here were the same 😛 , literally every fruit tasted as if it was dropped from heaven!

colorful pasta 😀

they kinda reminded me of pirates of the caribbean: dead man’s chest 😛 no?

market tour is over and we are off to our first cooking class

we passed by the gold market everyday on our way to the cooking class 😀 very pretty view


mr sa3ad is enjoying the view 😉

and finally we arrived to our class which was a house designed for a freelancer chef illaria ricci which i LOVED!

she had a beautiful garden outside, she actually uses some greens from her garden in her cooking! sweet!

cooking class started 😀

we cooked starters, main course and dessert that was had to eat everyday 😀 leaving with a happy stomach 😉 now this is a teaser of what we did that you might find out in ansams blog or my upcoming posts but you can guess the dish if you want 😀

dish number one: starter

dish number 2 : main course

dish number 3 : dessert 😉 which was a killer!

and were done, ciao 😉

22 Comments on “florence day two”

  1. 6a3 el5as malhom eleg lag mo malna mafi lon kellesh 7asra 3alenna! o elbait raw3aaa ered eroooo7 *sigh*

    3alekom eb alf 3afia :**

  2. yummy yummy and super yummy pics food and all 😀 I am sure it must be alot of fun as much as it is to watch these mouth watering pics…keep them coming…

    Bil3afiya 🙂

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  4. I LOVE the matching shirts! And the Bookshelfs! And the display! And the cheese! 😛
    Mashallah the food you guys made looked delicious! What’s the name of the main course? 3alaikum bil3afia! 😀

  5. Hi, I found you through Amu! I just love the photos you took and posted of everything and I just love the fact that you went to Italy for a course! How incredibly cool! I look forward to the recipes as I love food but it stays on me! Hmmm!! I have been to Italy as well so I know how lovely the local produce is! Great blog!

    • thank you alia, im glad that you liked my blog and the photos 😀 working hard to make it likable 😀 yes italy is just an amazing country, looking forward to visit more of italy

  6. mashAllah you’re lucky that you got the opportunity to do that it seems like so much fun. I took classes at Le Cordon Bleu that was tough and hard work!

    I think the ay you guys do it is much better:)

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