florence- day 1

i have so many pictures to share with you on our first day in florence, and since pictures are better and easy to the eye than words to me and to some of my readers ill try to give less words and more pictures or as elvis presley said ” a little less conversation and a little more action please ” ;p

all set and we are ready to go

on our way ansam was reading a  “learn italian”  book

beautiful scenery from Bologna airport to Firenze, breathtaking skies, mountains and lots and LOTS of tunnels

and here’s the lovely cooking team minus me, i was busy behind the camera 😛 , we took a quick stop to get some water and enjoy the scenery

florence ❤ here we come

on our way to florence we saw some bikers and they reminded me of the 3 club v.02 and v.03 that i have attended

cute car, i think its needed for our tiny streets :p

once we arrived our hotel, our tour guide michele took us around for a wonderful walking tour around florence

we got really hungry from the long walks so we took a stop at a pizzeria called toto and as you can see sa3ad from sa3adtrips is really excited as we all were

now the pizza was good but not as good as i expected it to be but the nutella calzone was something else! it was delicious infinity! just look at it! it tasted as good as it looked!

mcdonalds 😛 comfy seatings im asuming

and then we stayed at a place called b.gallo and had one of the best affogatos !

first day trip ended with an amazing fireworks that lasted for hours! june 24th is a saint john’s day, they celebrate it with fireworks at Piazzale Michael angelo.

i hope you enjoyed our first day trip pictures and will post more soon

arrivederci 😉

24 Comments on “florence- day 1”

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  2. I still remember running from here to there to catch the right place for fire works observing night time, those days unforgettable in Florence, i really missed it

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