when walking around in florence you will see that almost every single person is holding a gelato that makes you drool and want to get your own, luckily florence is just full with gelato caffes, you just have to be lucky to find the good one’s though, its a bit hot during the day and you need those delicious gelatos while walking around specially that florence requires lots and lots of walking 😀 and ofcourse we had our massive dose of gelato’s every single day 😀

vanilla ice cream with nutella chunks, *3AJEEEEB*

my favorite fruity gelato was peach sold at a place called caffe perseo, had it with a cup of berries, unbelieavable taste !

and speaking of gelatos thankfully we have gelato italiano in kuwait and i actually remembered them everytime i was in florence, now i know for sure that everytime i get my gelato italiano i will feel like i am sitting somewhere in florence watching people and pigeons passing by 😛

18 Comments on “gelato”

  1. wai wai wai nwaiiii nooon im loving this post!! 3ad tadreen i was thinking my next trip would have to be to florence..more reviews please! and please mention the best gelato places:))

  2. Raspberrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy O_O

    shai mo 6abi3i 3alekom bel3afiaaaa :* allah yakteblina nro7 hnak o naq’6i 3la their Gelato 😛

  3. 7amdilla 3asalama… Did i hear nutella chunks, ABIIIIIIIIIIIIII… All the pics look delicious just wanna stretch my hand and grab a taste from each… 😉

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