feet first

when you go shopping in dubai mall your feet will be screaming out of pain, i did A LOT of shop till you drop there, its just so HUGE that you can run the marathon 😛

while roaming around and while i was really dead tired i passed by coincidence a place called feet first,  luckily for me there was a free space, i just had to wait for 10 min 😀 there were 2 doors, one for men and one for woman and both can enjoy a marvelous massage over there! not only woman need a massage , right?

you can choose whatever massage you require from their services but i still prefer if you call them first just to make sure there are available spaces.

you enter the room, sit on a comfortable chair, lights are dimmed, you close your eyes and enjoy an amazing massage, i really REALLY recommend you to try it! i left them with happy feet and wanting to shop more hehe 😛

know more about feet first here

6 Comments on “feet first”

  1. Allah sounds amazing! Glad you had a good time! 😀
    I can’t ever get a foot massage because I always burst out laughing when anyone touches my feet (same thing happens with pedi’s) 😛

  2. you reminde me of my last trip to Dubai every time my sis and I finish shopping in dubai mall we deside to go for this spa but we cann’t walk one more step and when we asked about it’s location we’ve been told that it’s near the 3abaya hall waid be3eeed :/

  3. I like that shop, I useed to go in the one near the Mercato mall in Jumaira, they have 2 shops, one for men and the other for women 😀

    The stuff are so friendly.

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