fish basket – sharjah

if your going to dubai not just for the weekend you have to pass by fish basket restaurant in sharjah, now its not a very fancy place, more like casual, but its very clean and well organized.

 when you enter, a huge table with many kinds of colorful fish landed on ice welcomes you 😀 , you choose whatever fish you want, you go to your table, they take the fish, they grill it and serve it. 

(yazatly ilzbaidiya ilmertaza) :p
 tahina, garlic spread, olives, humus, lemon and bread is served with the fish, they also serve you with a plate of salad

the bread tastes SO GOOD!


the fish was very delicious , everything else also was very delicious,  i enjoyed it to the max and i really recommend you all to visit 

for more info about fish basket you can check out their facebook page here and bon apetit

ps: i would like to thank my uncle for introducing us to fish basket, i really enjoyed my food o akramk allah :**

11 Comments on “fish basket – sharjah”

  1. It looks delicious o a7la shay ina it’s fresh and you choose what you want! 😀 Reminds me of Red Lobster shawagteeni wedi I try it. 3alaich bil3afia! 😀

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