one of the most amazing places in dubai that you should pass by is DIFC ( DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTER) i was really amazed by all the beautiful and huge buildings

world trade center

it was really hot and humid and we got really hungry and while roaming around between cafes and restaurant we picked caramel, thankfully the place was empty and we didnt need to reserve

we ordered TNT shrimps, fried mac and cheese and pomme frites, the mac and cheese was heavenly, it arrived looking like cheese sticks, im not a fan of mac and cheese but this one was different, ive never had fried mac and cheese, you just dip it in a sauce and enjoy the taste!ย  the french fries was covered with garlic and parmisan cheese, added a great flavor to it, couldnt get enough!

now the shrimps was bad! it wasnt fried at all, we did not like it at all, tasted a bit raw and both of us me and my cousin are no fans of raw food, when we told our server “mary grace” about the shrimps she was nice enough to take theย shrimps and went to the chef and came back in less than five minuets and told us its okay we will not charge it.


oh and they gave each of us a pen which i loved

overlall we enjoyed our food and the atmosphere, service was more than great, mary grace was lovely!, i wouldnt mind going there again to try the rest of the menu, not the shrimps though ๐Ÿ˜›

and i would like to thank the boudoir and confashions from kuwait for recommending DIFC , its one of my favorite spots

for more info about caramel you can visit them here
and to know more about dubai’s financial center you can visit their webpage here

enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

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