kosebasi dubai

when we asked about good restaurants in Dubai, one of my cousins colleagues recommended a turkish restaurant for us which is located at the walk JBR, so we decided that we should start our first day in Dubai at kosebasi

when you ask for cold appetizers, they bring you a tray full of appetizers and you choose whatever you want, thankfully all the appetizers tasted GOOD! 😀

I had kofte meatball which tasted heavenly!

mouth-watering tarsusi kebap

vegetable rice was terrible , i did not like it at all, tasted like green tea

and when i asked for the menu to order dessert they gave us complementary dessert 😀 i had a huge smile on my face lol i just love complementary food 😀

sutlac rice pudding


kosebasi is located in jumaeira beach residence area and mirdif city center shopping mall and you can visit their website here  kesebasi

8 Comments on “kosebasi dubai

  1. we visited the original Kosebase in Turkey! The food was AMAZING!! i bet the Dubai branch has the same delicious food! Love their sun dried tomatoes wth walnut, their nazek kabab and the mixed grills!! DROOLZ ;(

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