Work is driving me crazy! Taking all my energy and causing depression and i dont feel like i belong there anymore, its just not my place. I want to quit sooo bad i just dont know what i should do next, im confused!
What should i do? I need some enlightments

8 Comments on “Depression

  1. Vainglorious? Is that u?! lol ;p I’m sorry Noon, for a moment there u sounded like Vainglorious! ;p *E7IM* OK… I second La6ufa… Why don’t u work in the food industry? All I know, is go after something ur passionate about or love to do…. bs gthbai shai blawl b3dain quit itha mu mrta7a… 9alai istkharah, o inshallah allah ysahil 2umorich ;*

  2. I know someone that used to work for the government testing food. Basically her job was to go to different selected restaurants and eat free food. The job says NOON all over it.

  3. 7abeeeeebtiii if you feel that you don’t belong their then go to a place that fits you… ib 9ara7a i don’t know where i think that’s the thing that you who should decide …

  4. Go job hunting! Or ask them to put you in a different 8ism. I really don’t think you should stay if you’re not happy and comfortable where you work

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