I will Be visiting Dubai really soon, and I need some suggestions of good places to visit, and of course by now you all know how much I LOVE FOOD! where’s the food HOT SPOTS!? suggestions are appreciated

Regards, noon :*

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  1. Nice, see when u visit Jumaira go to Deyafa (‘9eyafa road), bafter Mercato center, go stright before Emirates Hospital 3ala 6ool, u will see restaurants mall, go the 1st floor Manga restaurant, its a local idea but Japenese food sushi and cooked food, then when u leave the restaurant same floor there is Circle cafe, I recommend u to try the Carrot cake o ed3ely..

    At Dubai mall u can try Ribs N Rumbs up at the food curt, its amazing I reviewed the restaurant 2 weeks ago, try the original burger o ed3eely.

    Also for breakfast u can try at Jumaria ‘9yafa road lemon tree for breakfast, they open from 7 till 4 or 6 pm. They have many many food items. Heaven

    Many places bs these r my best πŸ™‚
    Enjoy ur trip

  2. Tribes burger in Mall of the Emirates… tharoore tharoore tharooree
    O The walk at Jumeirah beach residence… LA Dolce vita…

    Khalenee I update my Dubai Travel Posts o come back to you… I hope you are not gone already by now…

  3. Ims: thank you, ill write these down, I hope I can make it to all these places

    Danderma: 5oooosh , la next week inshalah πŸ˜€

  4. WANAAAASAAAAAAA Umbaaiah ib bali wayed amakin bes al7eeen madri laish lema a7awil at’thker BLANK!
    ims85 & Danderma ma ga9raw ;p
    3ad tawha my cuzin radat.. bekht9aaar DUBAI MALL feh wayed ma6a3im etyaniin!!
    o inshallah tro7eeeeen wetrideeeeen bil salamaaaaaaaaaaaa;*** ENJOOOOOOOOOOY!! xoxo

  5. Alllllahhh!!!

    Well, try Shakespeare & co. Loved the cakes they served bs elatmosphere wasn’t 7ilo at all, a lot of smokers o nas ashkalhom ‘3ala6 bs definitely worth it. o try Aramani cafe too!

    There was this Italian & Japanese restaurant bs I totally forgot the name. Crap.

    Ribs & Rumps, Noodle Factory – loved them, bs elmoshkella I love anything so it doesn’t really clarify.

    Enjoy your trip!!:)

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  7. *SHAKE SHACK – mall of the emirates, best burger ever
    *burj 5alifa at the top if ur interested to go seee the burj, u enter it and get tickets from dubai mall
    *if u want a ladies beach then go to ladies club (jumaira) very nice and clean
    *if u like sushi, go to “manga sushi” at Beach Park Plaza Centre, Jumeirah
    * definitely visit “the walk” but it might be too hot now, so maybe at night its better
    thats all I can remember for now … feel free to ask me if u have any questions ;D hope u have fun

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