stuck in an elevator

yesterday me, myself and i was trapped in our elevator for a whole 15 min alone, it was 10 pm and i was REALLY REALLY TIRED! the thing is i always take the stairs, never the elevator because i think its for lazy people and ofcourse for the elderly and people with disabilities. so that one time i used the elevator it went dead on me ? *sigh*

thankfully i do not have a closed doors phobia so i did not really panic :P  the only thing that i feared was boredom but THANKGOD there was twitter to keep me company :P

anyways i rang the bell and then the maid came and shes the one who actually paniced and called everyone in the house, poor thing she was more paniced than i was, she kept calling my name every minuet to make sure that i am still breathing :P  and everytime i had to reply with a ” na3am” yes. electricity went on and off, lift went up and down and the maid used the stairs going up and down following me and the elevator so she would keep me company hahaha and it basically did all movements except opening! LOL

the elevator was really small and it started to get really hot and there was less air to breath and no ventilation, so the maid got a sword and tried to open the door to get me some air, well she managed to get some air in the elevator for me to breath :P i started reading ilme3wathat “qura’an” and when i did FINALLY my dad was able to open the door!! why havent i thought of reading ilme3wthat earlier!! i blame twitter 😛 , i was free and from now on i am really truly going to be thankful for every breath i take because now i value air more than i ever did, il7imdilah

now have you ever been stuck in an elevator? for how long and did you freak out? share your story

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  1. i hate elevators! yes i hv been stuck more than once in Egypt & i totally freaked out! One time it was half open & i had to jump outside because i was too scared to stay in n left my aunt inside LOL 😛

  2. Like you, I don’t have closed spaces phobia thank-God, but it is not boredom I’m afraid of, i’m afraid that i might have to go to the bathroom, then what would i do? :p

    And you’re lucky you had a signal in there and could use twitter, normally when i’m stuck in elevators there’s no signal and I can’t use my phone :/

    7amdila 3l salama anyways 😀

  3. Yummmaaaah…

    El 7md le Allah 3la il Salama! Eksarat kha6ry your khadama maskeena wayed infa3lat weyach…

    I am afraid of elevators because my father and my brother were stuck in one once upon a time when we were in brighton. I began crying my eyes out thinking I was never going to see my father again and how will we go back to Kuwait when he had out passports?

    Ever since I hated the bloody elevators. Twice they stopped with me alone in them, the first time I screamed my lungs out until the sa3edi 7ares came and opened the door and I was stuck in between floors but I jumped for my life
    The 2nd time It was stuck and my husband was with me. le9agt bel 6oofa min il khar3a but thankfully it started working almost immediately. It just didn’t move at all just the doors closed on us and stayed put. I flew out of the door in an instant

  4. Hamdullah 3al salama,

    That good u didnt get shocked o screamed like same girl who says ” waay yomaa weenj” 😛

    Hamdullah,, I’ve never been stucked in a place with 4 walls ever! 😛

  5. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OMG!! il7imdillaaaaaah 3alaaaaa salaaaaaaaamtich!!!!!!! il7imdillah in ur home not somewhere else!!! i hate when this happens! 9arat feni wana 9ghera:p kina ray7een qubri9 and me my bro were stuck in our hotel elevator for 15 min same u ;p

  6. lol il7amdila 3ala salamtiiich ;**

    Yup been stuck in an elevator a few times..

    Twice when I was a kid one of them alone and the other time was with my cousin. The first time it stopped for a few minutes then started again the time with my cousin they actually had to get help to get it opened. We stayed there for like 20 minutes.

    Another time was a few years ago in Bahrain. I was with mom and the hotel elevator suddenly stopped and electricity went out. It was pitch black. Mom was about to cry! We kept pressing all the buttons but nothing worked not even the alarm. Then I remembered that there was a fone inside the elevator and luckily it worked. Spoke to the reception and they came rushing and got the power back on lol mom was about to pass about ;p

    Oh and one time the elevator at my work place dropped a few floors! (it tends to do that every once in a while) I thought we were gonna die! It was a moment of horror. My friend vowed never to get on that elevator again until they get it replaced o they did replace it… after gazillion horror complains ;p

  7. 7emdellah 3ala salamtich! I think you don’t care since you were busy tweeting 😛 hehe
    Once and I was sooooooo in need to go to a restroom .. Let’s just leave it at that 😛

  8. waaaai kha6akum ilsu o 7imdila 3ala salamatkum hehehe i really wouldnt want to be in ur place

    my cousin was once stuck in their home elevator o takhayilay between floors and they had to call ilma6afi to get her out..3ad she was in her PJs and without i7jabha fa u can guess widha tinti7ir yom darat ilma6afi biy6al3oonha:P

  9. Loooooool!! glad you’re ok, you reminded me when i was working in London. I left the office late in the evening and i was starving!! On my way down the elevator got stuck, I waited a good half hour until the security found out where i was and opened the door. It was a new office building and they congratulated me on becoming the first person to get stuck.

  10. Sighs!! what an experience @@ Thanks God you are safe dear !!
    Elevators need regular maintenance too,, bs walla this proved how brave is noon 😉

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