happy anniversary

wohoooo, guess what?  today  my blog turns one 😛 yes ONE! i cant believe i have been posting for a year now! time really flies!
first of all i would like to thank everyone who encouraged me to create this blog (من لا يشكر الناس لا يشكر الله), i want to thank my blogger friends, my readers and even my silent readers, i know for sure your out there, show yourselves and say hey 😀 and i also want to send a special thanx to my favorite blogger friends

crazy yet wise
Desert Blvd and vainglorious
sunshine kuwait

i thank you each for your lovely comments, for keeping up with my blog, your comments means the world to me, its a pleasure meeting some of you and hopefully will meet those who i havent met yet 😛

and i would like to say that im really sorry if my blog ever made you hugnry, expect more food posts, expect to get hungry and ramadan is on the doors so im warning you not to read my blog before its futoor time 😀

and i hope to live to celebrate my blogs second anniversary

take care y’all and have a good day

regards, noura

41 Comments on “happy anniversary

  1. Congratz! Your love to food is unprecedented! I enjoy watching those photo’s.

    And thank you for apologizing for making me hungry, that happened thrice.

  2. Congratulationsssssss Sweet Heart, nshallah you’ll get married in the 2nd yr just like what happened to me 😛

    hope nshallah you’ll always be blogging more n more! thank god now i dont hv to go on a diet coz i hv house chores to burn calories! your blog won’t harm me at all 😀

    Love you :***

  3. Happy birthday to you..happy birthday toooo youuuu..happy birthday tooooo noooon..happy birthday toooooooo youuuuuu…hehe congrats! love ur blog..keep posting..and stay fabulous xx

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Happy 1 year anniversary 😀 3asach inshallah doum it3oudenah bl97a wl3afyah with ur lovely, mouth-watering posts ;p

    Thank u for the shout out 😀 Luv u noon ;**

  5. كل عام والمدونة بخير

    خوش صدفة امس عيد ميلادي واليوم المدونة

    وعقبال الـ 100 سنة ان شاء الله

  6. I’m a silent reader lol I absolutely love your blog! Keep up the great work 🙂 your doing great and inshallah ya rab many more years to come.

  7. Congratulations to the lovely and talented Queen of Food….*drumroll*…..Noon! Love your food posts and I’m excited about seeing more to droooool over. It’s an honor to be one of your friends. Luv ya :* and have a fantastic weekend.

  8. Mabrooooooooooooooooooooooooook!!!!!;**** yakhtii o kubrnaa 9irnaa senaa!;p wallah e7naaa elii etsharfna ib ma3riftich Noon;** 3asaa doooom hal success I love ur blog and always will!!;** Keeeep up the great job! and keeeep our appetite way high!!p

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