pierre marcolini

we, girls love to shop and even when the budget is down to zero we still love to window shop, just stare at sparkly shoes, a watch or a lace dress.. etc but as for me I’m some how different, i really love spending money on food, i even go food window shopping :P, anyways, few days back i went to the avenues searching for an i pad cover and while i was roaming around i spotted a chocolate store and i kept staring at it thinking if i should check it out or not, well of course im going to check it out, ITS CHOCOLATE!

i was greeted with a joyful greet from the very kind lady called ”joy” shes very lovely and very welcoming which made me love the place even more! she actually welcomed me with a piece of chocolate!! and then she started to hand me more pieces of chocolate!! am i lucky or what? , i just love generosity specially when it comes to food!

pierre marcolini is one amazing chocolate store, they serve different kind of chocolates, jams, chocolate spread, and gift boxes they also have seating’s where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and hot chocolate, they also do catering.

i was glad that i had my camera with me to share with you some of what i tried 😀

a great choice for diabetics sugar free dark and milk chocolate

and the highlight of my day, my cousin’s daughter, she was the chocolate of all chocolates mashalah

i wish them the best of luck and i hope they stay generous 😀
pierre marcolini is located in the avenues phase 2

PS: i did not find a good i pad in the avenues 😛 have a good chocolaty day 😉

11 Comments on “pierre marcolini

  1. It used to be in Dar AlAwadi where I worked and the staff were so friendly and generous since then…. I saw them a couple of weeks ago in The Avenues and they invited me in but I was busy that day! I wish them all the best 😉

  2. *drooling!* I loved the quote on the chocolate globe 😉 3ad I was at the avenues today.. ma lima7ta :/ Whenever someone says Phase 2 to me teyeni eltha7ka ;p coz I’m always like: “aii 9oooowb??!!” to me its another “dimension of this universe” lol ;p

    I’m gonna check out the place real soon! 😀 (its this time of the month I’m craving! ;p)

    Wesalim galbaaaa ur cousin’s daughter ;* ismilah 3laiha allah y7afth’ha

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