iPad covers

I have been wanting to buy an ipad ever since i heard of it and i insisted on getting it every single day waiting for it to launch and guess what? it launched and i did not buy it! why? i seriously dont know. and then ipad 2 got released but i wasnt as excited.

Last week I have realized that everyone has ipads, even kids! except for me! and a friend of mine told me “your a blogger and you dont have an ipad?” and then it hit me!! so after this comment i got me an ipad 2 through blink.com which I absolutely adore! the only problem is that i forgot to order a cover and the covers and cases ive seen are just really bad and boring

since i love researching for stuff for hours i have surfed the internet to find the bestest NOT UGLY looking covers and since sharing is caring i will share with you what i have found

1- etsy
2- versaudio
3- hardgraft

ps: if you know more webpages or places, please do share, thank you and happy shopping 😉

6 Comments on “iPad covers

  1. LOVED the hard graft case and the clutch-like case featured on your post. I’m also looking for an iPad cover, but I want the ones that open like a portfolio/organizer… all the ones I have seen so far are ugly! :\

    • victorias secret super model essential has ipad covers that open like a portifolio, but its for ipad one but i love it! they r sold out now but you have to check every day 😀

  2. Pottery Barn has iPad covers sorta similar to the one in your post. Bought my wife one with her initials branded in the leather … unfortunately the iPad was stolen on a Qatar Air flight to Houston last November :S

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