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Make My Sound Your Own; Zahed Sultan Launches “Hi Fear, Lo Love” Open Remix Competition; 1st Prize $1000

Download Track Samples & Official Competition Rules here

Zahed Sultan is offering his fans the chance to remix any one of five tracks from his debut music album “Hi Fear, Lo Love” and win big! The Competition is a first in a series of promotional activities for his album and is sponsored by Zahed Sultan’s upcoming record label

To enter the Competition and create a remix, go to the Competition’s File Page, download the Official Competition Rules and one (or more) of the available Track Samples’ folders here

Judging & Prizes

Submitted remixes will be reviewed by the sponsor for eligibility and posted on Zahed Sultan’s Facebook Page, where fans will be able to vote for their three favorites for a limited voting period. After voting closes, Zahed Sultan will pick one Grand Prize winner and two Runners‐Up from among the fan favorites.

> One Grand Prize Winner will:

• Receive US $1000 (One thousand United States dollars only) in cash
• Have their remix released on the official “Hi Fear, Lo Love Remixes” online E.P.
(alongside Runners -Up) under the mouse music record label

> Two Runners-Up will:

• Have their remix released on the official “Hi Fear, Lo Love Remixes” online E.P. under
the mouse music record label

Important Competition Dates

• Download track parts; create and submit a remix: May 1st 2011 to June 30th 2011.
• Voting by fans: July 1st 2011 until July 20th 2011.
• Grand prize and runners-up announcement: July 20th 2011.

About The Album

Over the span of five years, Zahed Sultan wrote, arranged, and produced a debut musical album that promises to evoke. Hi Fear, Lo Love builds on his mixed cultural heritage and worldly experiences. Zahed Sultan fuses the local with the global to tell the cyclical story of intimate human relationships. The result is a dynamic amalgamation of sounds for the musical enthusiast of tomorrow.

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