the 3 club triathlon v.03 part 2

i have noticed that this years triathlon had more girls than the one i went to in 2010, and most are kuwaity girls, i am very proud of them and i am also proud of all those who finished the race, you were all amazing and all of you have wonderful spirits and i enjoyed taking pictures because you make them look more wonderful and i was as happy as you are finishing the race 😉

some of the finishers

this was our favorite moment, kids ran with their dad to the finish line, CUTNESS!

it was such a great day, everyone had so much fun because that’s what the triathlon is all about, having fun and i would like to congratulate all the winners and I’m looking forward to the next one. special thanks goes to the organizers for this spectacular event and the marshals who helped out.

for more info join their facebook here
follow them on twitter here

12 Comments on “the 3 club triathlon v.03 part 2

  1. wow love your coverage and pictures and everything !! Mashallah Noon you’re amazing….plzz tell me whats ur cam ???

    I’m getting myself a new cam this week inshallah.

    BTW, how come I didnt catch you I was thereeeeee all the timeee and even the same spots !!

  2. Thanks noon for the coverage ! awesome day
    thanks to all of you ! and special thanks to ;
    Rabaa Alhajry
    Hamad Alali
    Ahmad Aluzami
    Rawan Alnafisi
    Iqbal Malallah
    Mohamad Alsana
    Roa’a Almarshad
    and all the volunteers

  3. E wallah amazing coverage mashkoora noon matga9reen o ya36eech alf 3afiya, inshalla kila itkonnen mitwajda ib our future events

  4. Wanasa! I’m gonna get back on fitness track o inshala I’ll join next time 🙂

    Good job noon wonderful pictures and great review as usual, teslam eeedich ;*

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