lunch at pizzetta spoons

1-mozarella fritters with herbs salsa
2-marinated beetroot with almonds
3-mashed pumpkin pizzetta
4-spaghetti bolognese
5-beetroot ravioli
6-pizza margarita
7-bread pudding

ps: i said this before on twitter and im going to say it again, i have stopped searching for the best spaghetti bolognese for i have found it in pizzetta, i swear i finished my whole dish not leaving one single piece of evidence 😛

everything else was delicious and the bread pudding was YUMFUL!! i will definitely go again pretty soon to try the rest of the menu and i promise i will upload more pictures for you 😉

31 Comments on “lunch at pizzetta spoons

  1. Itried the truffle and fontina pizzetta last night , amazinnnnnnggg!
    and the home made chips are so nice but i didn’t like the bread pudding at all :/

  2. I can’t believe that I haven’t tried Pizzetta yet! (WTH is wrong with me?! ;p) Everything looks great, Beetroot Ravioloi looks interesting!

    3alaikum b2alf 3afyah 😉

  3. Noon! I am jealous! Your pictures are AMAH-ZING masha2 Allah! You make me want to take a photography course now 😦

    I never tried the beetroot ravioli before! Shaklah yummy!!! 3lekom bel 3afiya o nice seeing you there the other day 😉

    • 9ij ? thaaaanx, u dont need a photography class, its easy if u love it 😀 and i think your photography in your blog is more than great!! specially the food pictures , makes me drooool

  4. let’s see… amm Oh! There is pesto pasta from Casper *check* their fries *check* and open flame, which i liked! Slider *check* just to name a few ;p

  5. visited Pizzetta yet again and tried the mixed mushroom pizza with truffle oil … it was really good … the risotto dumplings are not that great … the homemade chips are outstanding …. and the chocolate pudding which is actually from November is just OK to me … i prefer Slider Station or OFK pudding

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