my camera and prime and toast

remember this post ? where i was madly in love with a camera? well i kind of got me a new camera but it definitely wasn’t the m9 πŸ˜› i have been searching for a light small not very HEAVY camera that is suitable for a blogger like me to carry around everyday without having shoulder pain, so after almost a 6 month research i finally went for canon G12 WHICH IS AMAZING SO FAR!

to try it out and to kill my cravings i went to prime and toast new location in albida’a ( albida3) few days ago to try their menu and i hope that you will like the pictures and the food of course πŸ˜‰

WARNING: this is a drool zone area, if you are dieting then i suggest you come back later!

a mixture of orange juice and carrot, REFRESHING !

buffalo mozzarella which is absolutely delicious! this is fresh mozzarella which makes it taste great! not like the one’s you buy from co-ops ! and that potato on top is crazy! i want more AND MORE of it in a potato bowl.

mushroom on toast, one word, tres MAGNIFIQUE

prime time slider is a bit bigger than the usual sliders, good burger

home made ravioli with mushroom cream sauce, which is a KILLER by the way

nutella stuffed brioche, i want that with different stuffing, i hope they would accept my suggestion *fingers crossed*


cant wait to try the rest of the menu πŸ˜‰ enjoy

27 Comments on “my camera and prime and toast

  1. Why so pessimist? :p it was once, no?
    And com on the rest of the menu is gr8! Their pancakes are amazing! And the creme ford is one of the best!

    • the place is really inconsistent … sometimes it is amazing and others it is not … of course, I haven’t tried everything but the inconsistency is worrying to me :-S


  2. Wow, the pics look great and the food looks amazing.

    It also seems that the new branch has a few new added dishes. That’s good coz the old menu hasn’t seen a new dish in ages.

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