a special dedication

hello all, I know that I havent been posting a lot of food posts lately, it’s just I have been too busy to write or review anything, but now I am back and I have decided to write a very special dedication post 😉

probably now all of my readers know how much I am attached to food and how much I love to eat, I actually spend half of my salary on food and of course when it comes to Kuwait, first thing that comes to mind is cafe’s and restaurants, it’s all about FOOD! just FULL with amazing restaurants, franchise and local.

we all have noticed that local restaurants now are overcoming the franchise ones in Kuwait, offering delicious fresh food, and not only they tantalize us with all the food variety they have, they also dash us with their beautiful interiors and some are just breathtaking!

I want to express how proud of a girl I am of local foodies and restaurateurs and that I would love to thank each for offering delightful and mouth-watering food that makes me and a lot of foodies up on cloud number nine just like Bryan adams 😉

I have never been this proud !! and I would love to dedicate this post to ALL of them

burger boutique, thank you for your street style pommes noisettes, chicken bayou, up in smoke and almost everything else in the menu

slider station, thank you for your grilled chicken, Morrocan salad, dally’s pudding and for opening the divine chocolate place “cocoa room” soon

b+f open flame kitchen, thank you for your succulent Coca-Cola ribs, WILD FIRE, pizza, chocoberry volcano, burnt wood and all the fascinating food in the menu.

burger hub thank you for your baby loodi, crispy zucchini, fried baby potatoes, the heaven sauce and your lovely healthy aymstrong campaign.

prime and toast thank you for what I think is the BEST ricotta pancakes in town and the very scrumptious creme ford.

pizzetta thank you for your pizza, the deep-fried mushroom and mushroom and cheese cannelloni.

choowy goowy thank you for your pink pasta and the very tempting “ultimate choowy dough” that always makes me crave for more and more, and most importantly for allowing me to have my special mix 😀

baking tray thanks to your cookies my taste buds are always happy 😀 and thank you for your delicious healthy sandwiches and the great cozy atmosphere

melenzane thank you for your italian bread basket, karchiofi ragu salad and your pollo pestu panini.

chocolate bar, thank you for your french fries, you wow me with your raspberry dark chocolate molten, au bon pain and your italian hot chocolate 😉

and last but not least soon to be opening, chocolateness thank you for your very delicious very light molten, one is never enough! and wish you the best of luck. and I seriously cant wait to sit there and enjoy the very tempting molten 😀

all of you guys rock! you proved to us that nothing is impossible, and we are proud of you! I know I am 😀 and i wish you all a successful journy 😀

and for those who do not agree with me, well we all have different tastes and opinions 😉


the very devoted and always hungry for more, Noon

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