nail beauty

as u can see ,girls are rarely using one color nail polish these days , seems like everyone is going crazy following trends, even the regular french, haven’t seen one in such a long time! but, some crazy trends i do like and some i don’t, so i would love to share with you some of the trends that i like 😉

blue, gold framed nail minx! 3AJEEB!

and a perfect color for summer

and the latest trend, the “V” gap, this will definitely be a hit trend in kuwait.

and this one is mine which i’m totally in love with ! 😛 made by nail it , loved my nails, love nail it 😉

SO, which one would you choose?

14 Comments on “nail beauty

  1. I am boring I guess hehehe I go with the French Classic still to-date… I also like nudes, beiges, pinks, reds… I know I know hehehe

    If you see me in a crazy color that means my cousin did it for me who wont take no for an answer when she colors my nails

    Oh and I LOVE Nail It as well ❤

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