which side

A: can you please add more of that sauce ?
B: sure, on top or on the side?
A: on the side please, thank you.

of course we all know that some people like their dressing /gravy/sauce/garnish … etc to be either on the top or on the side , but does it really matter? if it does please explain 😛 as for me i love it to be all around 😀

so, in which side would you prefer your dressing to be ?

10 Comments on “which side

  1. Its all over for me too, but it actually depends! You see if its gravy yeah sure on the top or all over, but if its heavy maybe on the side so I can u use it as a dip u know?! If its a salad then of course all over… if its rice then on the top all over, coz its just lame to have it on the side! lol ; p and WOW I just realized that I have rules and rituals when it comes to food! LOL ;p

  2. LoL I never ask, 7addi a good non-fussy costumer no complains or rules lol but it depends where you eat marrat they put ALOT of sauce.. so if i know already that its too much i would ask for on the side.. but most of the time I don’t..

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