sony Ericsson

ive been a sony ericsson user for years until i was introduced to blackberry, ive been hooked ever since! i love my blackberry and i cant imagine myself living without it but the thing is when i see under age kids walking around goggling their eyes in their blackberry makes me feel like its a toy and not a smart phone, well some of my (iphone users) friends think its a not so smart phone 😛 plus im SICK of all the silly broadcasts and rumors that i receive on the bb messenger and whatsaap !

anyways i think its time me and my blackberry get seperated and reunite with sony ericsson, i totally fell in love with xperia arc

its sleek, slim , powered by android, has 8.1 megapixel camera ! PLUS its a whatsaap and bb messenger free 😀 isnt that cool ?

for more specification click on this link xperia arc

what do you think ?

27 Comments on “sony Ericsson

  1. The smart phone war is complicated.. everyone says their phone is the smartest phone to slightly feel better having invested so much money on the device, that and to keep thinking their right.

    In reality, there is no such thing as the smartest phone, there all actually stupid compared to the human mind.

    Now the Arc runs Android, so you can still use whatsapp! you also get more than 150,000 applications to download, similar to how the iPhone operates, the down side to the phone is their is no front camera, and very little internal storage. Which means you’ll have to store all apps in a memory card, and not all apps operate this way, it’s kind of complicated.

    As for the design itself, it looks amazing, if your getting the phone just for looks, go for it.

    You should also check out (Announced to be available by next month)

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmm loved the application bes me & Sony Ericsson mu khoosh rabi3;p et9adgeen ma a3rifla i was a good friend with Nokia ;D ukhoy eli kan min Ericsson to Ericsson to iPhone ma atwaqa3 he will love it as much as he Loves his iPhone.. and for sure inshallah awal ma arid barid ashtri iPhone ;D

  3. Ok, I mite be the only one wondering about this…. You’re saying that the arc will have bbm?

    I know bbm is coming to some phones, but i thought that wasn’t until later, like in months (and perhaps end of yr) not now.

    This will make a big difference 🙂

      • sure ?? … awal shay sony ericsson ??

        is it real bbm application or bes the applications you have to download in both devices and use as a texting applications over the air ?!

  4. Yeaah it runs whatsapp which I found better than bbm cuz all new phones has it and u get to text ppl to their number . Not sticking to bb just for the bbm . I really loved sony arc and thinking of getting one but I’m afraid that its touch won’t be as smooth as iphone. I’m a sony ericcson user all my life too but I didn’t try a touch android SE . Risk it ? Atwakal ? I’m using bb nowadays bs hating it somehow its taking over my time bb is all about bbm not like iphone and android apps and games o Graphics khayal !

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