I LOVE part two

casper and gambini french fries

casper and gambini pesto pasta

za3tar o zeit turkey wrap

dean and deluca french toast

dean and deluca waffles

open flame kitchen creme brulee

velvet cup cookie cupcakes

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23 Comments on “I LOVE part two

  1. D&D must’ve just added French Toast .. thought they only had the pancakes and waffles? it all really looks good especially since I just endured some horrid sushi from Yo Sushi @ 360 :-S

  2. I don’t recall having a really really good pasta.. would u really recommend the pesto pasta?
    wayd imda7ouli D&D Breakfast… shkla latheeth

    3awafii.. 🙂

    • alaah y3afeech , well if you like pesto and like pasta you will love this one ! 😀 its very delicious. i think everything casper serves is good

      • That’s the pasta I just had. (Amazing pics ~ drooooooling) The portion size is huge and there is lots of pine nuts and pesto sauce. I thought it was yummy yum and can feed you for two days. Love the post and now I’m starving!

  3. umbaaaaaaih minziman ma kalaaaait minhum!!!!!! wyyyyyy wallah 3ad tawni gilt 7ag sis eni mayta min ilyou3!!!then this!!! Shukraaaaaaaaan:D creme brulee esim mac eyeshadow looooooooooooooooooool

  4. at Genki? the gyouza are really nice, their dynamite shrimp is not bad and a good veggie sushi is called Jabriya … trust me it is awesome … my wife will not eat sushi but she’ll eat that one any day of the week

  5. I always end up ordering Casper and Gambini’s Classic cheese pizza. Thanks for heads up for the pesto, I’m going to try it!

    P.S. – So glad u found my blog and that you liked it! I’ll be stalking you now 😉

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