taste of joy

i love cookies ,i love generous people and oh my, i so love choowy goowy, i have suggested lindor hazelnut chocolate as a flavor in their cookies and they actually did it!! and sent a choowy goowy goody gift just for me! am i lucky or what! and they taste heavenly! loved every bite! one cookie was dragging the other!!


joy indeed

i cant thank you enough for those marvelous delightful cookies, i wish that you would add this flavor to your menu, it would be a hit and i will be number one fan!

i totally recommend my lovely readers to try it and bon appetit in advance :* enjoooy

22 Comments on “taste of joy

  1. thank you so much for the post ,

    will try it to do it for you in our restaurant fresh as a fondant ! fresh from the oven you will love it

    thanks again for the amazing post

    • thanx , i usually suck in photography, i only like shooting food 😛 because i love it SO MUCH , and kind of suck on all other types of photography lol, has to be day light though

  2. I keep hearing about these cookies every once in a while; they look fantastic! I’m almost sure they have it around my place; just gotta go confirm it. And i agree, love the angle in which the pics were taken.

  3. 3awaaaafii bs shda3wa 3alaich y didnt you share some with us! ;p

    I like choowy goowy but I LOVE the cookie bag in my opinion they have the best chocolate chip cookies in k-town

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