mac wonder woman collection

this is my first beauty post, i knooow its soo not me but i really got excited!

who doesnt love wonder woman ? im crazy about wonder woman, sometimes i just imagine myself as wonder woman 😛

i have a feeling that this collection will be better than the venomous, no? KA-POW

10 Comments on “mac wonder woman collection

  1. You beat me to my next post! ;P I am so excited about this collection. It hits the US on February 11th and I can’t wait to order. I have a huge WW collection and will post pics soon. 🙂

    • LOL I’m sorry :p I’m excited toooo! I hope I can get my hands on everything I want. I missed the venomous collection, only bought a blush :p

  2. Omg omg *hyperventilates* I just LOVE the colors (blue& red). And that lipstick color! *faints*

    Wonder where it’ll be available at??

    • Wala I have no idea, I have to go and ask mac as soon as possible, and the blue mascara looks great! I hope its blue. Can’t wait!

  3. I absolutely LOVE it when MAC let out new makeup collections! Theres actually this competition for the Cham one on expatandthecity ! 7ada 3ajeeb im not a photographer but for stuff like this i magically become one 😛

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