please explain

yesterday i was watching the movie “the town” . A crime and thriller movie, which ben affleck and his friends are bank robbers, the movie was good and all BUT then in the FBI department one guy said “we’ll never get 24-hour surveillance, unless one of these idiots converts to islam” i paused for seconds and asked myself should i be annoyed? and as an arab and a muslim should i be offended?

can someone explain to me what he meant? did i understand it wrong?

ps: please no cussing or cursing πŸ˜›

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  1. islam is attached in a way that turns it from a religion to some political organization,,,
    i think,,, ^%#@@#$%%^& to ppl who think like that!

    well nura i did my best ;p

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  2. Personally I feel offended! Don’t they realize that by talking about Islam they’re talking about millions of people, why offend all of them? Why attack a whole religion? It’s basic human rights to be respected regardless of where u come from or what religion u believe in! By not ilnas tithaqifat oo ertaqat biltafkeer 7ata ilyahal yeftahmon wala Sometimes I feel like we’re still in the stone age!

    P.S I remember Ben affleck once In an interview refused to attack the religion, that day he really gained my respect! And now this?

    • yeah i remember that video, he gained my respect too. and the thing is that he directed this movie . i dont know maybe hes trying to show us that FBI think that way about muslims. maybe he is trying to prove a point, i dunno

      the problem is that people generalize!! generalizing is a big issue !! it needs another post that i will soon work on

  3. I’m pretty sure he meant the FBI has surveillance on Muslims more than any other group or religion. I would have been offended if they said that for no apparent reason. But after 9/11, and all the terrorist bombings of killing innocent lives done by Muslim extremists. You can’t really blame the FBI for adding caution to when it comes to Muslims.

    As much as we are a religion of peace, sadly we have Muslims that are doing the exact opposite, we are not proud of them, we don’t believe what their doing is right. But they call themselves Muslims.

    What he said might annoy me a little, but it’s nothing abnormal. I’ve seen much worse in movies.

    • they r not muslims! they r extremist yes , terrorism has no religion ! what they r doing is generalizing and im against that

      i will soon talk about generalizing which is a whole different subject

  4. Ya3ni they wouldn’t be Hollywood movies if they didn’t perpetuate stereotypes in one way or another either for the sake of a laugh or shock value. Sadly ever since 9/11 the political incorrectness of this particular belief has been easily fed to millions without the bat of an eye.

  5. I just finished the movie. The way I understood the line was that they were calling the guys idiots. Nothing to do with Islam. And that they couldn’t get 24 hour surveillance on them unless one of them converted to Islam. Which he said as a joke and it was more of an insult to themselves ‘law enforcement’ for stereotyping Muslims.

    That’s just the way I understood it. I hope it doesn’t offend Muslims because Islam has been the fastest growing religion in America for decades. There are many American Muslims as you already know. πŸ™‚

    I’m going Twinkie shopping tomorrow. I hope I score some. πŸ™‚

    • well i wasn’t offended. i was just wondering if i should. there r things that i just don’t understand and from most of your comments i’m getting to understand more.

      thaaaaaaaank yooou :*

  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL UMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIH!!! AWAL SHAY!! SHISALFA ILKIL 6ALI3 HAL FILM THESE PAST FEW DAYS!!@@ ana shifta gabel ams!! 7atan gilt 7ag ekhtiii i want 2 post about it!! 3adita 3 times 3ashan nistaw3ib lOOOOOOOOOl!! bes galatli mala da3ii!!!

    Ba6aw chabdiii!! bes then sis galatli ena shfeech ehma qa9dhum enhum ma yegdroon eraqbona unless ehwa Muslim 3ashan e9eer 3indhum the right to watch them!

    Bes still narfizooooonii!!!

  7. they mean by it, that they can’t get authorization to have a 24h surveillance on the guy because they dont have enough evidence and hes not a terror threat.
    Muslims being now known as a religion of terror “in america” stereotype thing, means that if your a muslim, he doesnt need evidence to watch you 24/7. So yeah, he meant that if he was a muslim then he can easily get access to survey the guy without higher up approval.
    hope my jibbiresh makes sense

  8. It’s blowing it out of proportion and stripping it out of context. It’s a simple fact for them that no bureaucracy approval for surveillance authorization when it comes to Muslims. Stereotype? yes, and I believe they are have their reasons.

    Offended? no I wouldn’t be, saddened for the radical Islamic acts is what describes the reaction best.

  9. I noticed it too but continued watching. I probably should have got up and switched off the movie but it was just sooo good!!
    It was an outrageous thing to say… although, I’m not sure whether they meant …. a huge deal is made in the media/police/government etc etc etc when ‘islam/muslim’ is mentioned………..perhaps it wasn’t intended to be nasty but was……………
    I think it was pointing out that stereotyping is wrong…

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